SEEDS Conference is the community established in the April of 2013 as reborn of TEDxSeeds.
Our concept is "Rhapsody in Innovation" and we are aiming to spread unique and innovative ideas to the world.
From TEDxSeeds, we absorbed the best of the best, 

and we revitalized it to make this world full of successes and innovations.

2017年SEEDS Conferenceのお知らせ
 -About SEEDS Conference in 2017-

御陰さまをもちまして、通算9年目となる、“SEEDS Conference 2017 ”の開催が決定いたしました。





We just want to appreciate all of you for being a great supporters and being part of it. 

We are holding 9th event this year and will promise to accommodate better than the great event for you. This year, we are planning to hold the event on 

Saturday, October, 14th, 2017

Please see the details from the link below.